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Do you remember this picture?

Reblog>Click the picture> And see what happened!  YOU’LL BE SURPRISED! 


Lovely :’)


god bless that ladyy

At first:

Then I reblogged and clicked the picture:

That lady deserves a medal.

god bless you miss <3



sharonnnie asked:
i love your blog (: and i can't help but notice that almost all of your posts are linked to IHOP's prayer room! I love ihop, I went to their summer camps for 2 years in a row, especially their 24/7 prayerroom. how do you know about ihop?

Hi :) awesome!! I actually go to Orlando House of Prayer. Our Pastor is Carlos Sarmiento. His daughter Alexa is Matt Gilman’s wife. I love our church and we are also pushing for 24/7 prayer!! I have not yet gone to KC to visit IHOP but I might go one of these days. I love the prayer room and used to be involved with the OHOP prayer room as well