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Thats His Love :)

Adam didn’t search for Eve, God brought Eve to Adam.  You see Adam gladly spent his time totally captivated in God.  Until one day, God put Adam to sleep and created Eve.   Did they unite right after Eve was created? Although the Bible says Eve was united with Adam, the Word does not give a clue as to when.   There are no details as to how long it took between the creation of Eve and when Adam was awakened to meet her.  I believe it was necessary for Eve to fall in love with God and spend just as much time with the Lord as Adam had.  Why? Because then Adam and Eve would have equally had God as their #1 love before each other.  A relationship just doesn’t work if God is not #1 or the center of it all.  You see a relationship should be like a triangle with God on the top and man and woman at the bottom corners.  The closer the man and woman are to God, they automatically get closer to each other.  Wait on the Lord’s timing. and if you are in His will and loving him with all that you are, He will greatly bless you without you having to worry or do any of the work.  Just focus on loving the Lord and your princess/prince will come soon enough and trust me, the Lord will only give you the very best because He loves to give good gifts to his children.